Our values

We help causes we believe in.

We work with organizations who are making the world better. Yes, we make videos, but our end game is to forward missions that help people.

Every client should feel like our No. 1 priority.

When a client trusts us with their money and brand, they should feel like we’re putting all of our resources toward their project. That means double-checking emails, showing up on time, always being prepared, and doing anything needed to earn lifetime relationships.

Every video will be the best video we’ve made yet.

No matter what the project is, we will push ourselves to make it the best thing we’ve ever created. We will never stop upping our game.

We ain’t scurred of surprising people.

We never shy away from a good idea, even if it’s not what viewers or clients expect. Instead, we’ll fearlessly explore what’s best for the story and advocate for risk-taking as needed.

We don’t just keep our promises. we overdeliver.

Come hell or high water, we will never miss a deadline or charge more than we communicated, but we will exceed expectations with our productions and process.

We respect our clients’ privacy.

We will never take for granted the fact that our clients trust us with their confidential information. Whether it’s shielding our screens, not repeating gossip, or keeping quiet about what someone paid, we are reliable confidants for our clients, even after a job is finished.

We are fucked if we don’t communicate.

We don’t hide what’s on our minds — a crazy idea, honest feedback, a serious concern or (especially) an enthusiastic compliment. We can only understand and act on things we talk about.

We do this because it’s fun.

Plenty of people hate their jobs, but we’re lucky enough to do something we love. Yes, it will involve long hours and tedious tasks, but we will never forget to enjoy the hell out of the ride.