turnaround 200.png

Our turnaround-time guarantee

You need your project on time. It’s that simple. We get it.

Our word is good.

If we tell you that we’ll finish editing your footage by a certain date, that’s when we’ll finish editing it.*

We think this just boils down to integrity and trust, and we’re so fanatical about this that we’ll bet our money on it. 

Cash-back guarantee

We’re so confident we'll deliver on time that we'll pay you $100 for every day that we're late.

We’ve never had to honor this policy, but we love having it there to keep a fire under our ass and peace in your mind.

Plus, it just seems like the right thing to do.

Not-fine print

*Of course, if you request changes that shift our original plans, that’s a different story. We assume you know this because it’s common sense, but if we had lawyers, they’d tell us to include this. 

Also, when we say we’ll "finish editing" your footage on time, we mean that we’ll get you a first edited cut of your footage by the date we promised on your contract. How long it takes us to get you your final project depends on how long it takes you to approve your project and how many revisions you request. More common sense, but we like being upfront.