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Mary Betsy


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Mary brings more than a decade of interviewing and filmmaking experience to the production of your video. With a background in journalism, her news work has been recognized by the Knight Foundation, CNN, and USA TODAY.

As creative director, her brain is an endless pit of wild ideas that drive her to greatness and, at times, insanity. She’s a petite package of feisty inspiration that perches on chairs, contorts on floors, and runs backward in pursuit of the best shots.

After filming, she plunges her focus into editing marathons where you might discover her crying at footage of an emotional interview or dancing in her desk chair after finding a soundtrack song that fits just right.

Myles Pratt

Head of production

Photo by    Sarah Deragon

Photo by Sarah Deragon

With a management background, Myles worked at a Manhattan bank before joining the U.S. Army. It was while stationed in Hawaii that he began making videos with Mary, soon becoming a full-time filmmaking partner.

As a producer, he brings a steadfast supply of calming energy that’s impressively resilient even under the most ambitious of artistic endeavors. He can translate messy imagination into actionable logistics and knows how to tame a big vision just enough so that it’s possible.

He also has a chameleon-like ability to relax anyone he meets with his unassuming sincerity and contagious tendency to chuckle, often at his own corny jokes.

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Q&A with M+M


Mary: I'm a founding partner and the creative director of Forward Films. I am also slightly OCD, a huge comedy fan, and very excitable by good food.

Myles: I'm the other founding partner and producer of Forward Films. I make sure the OCD doesn't keep us from meeting our deadlines. 



Mary: Yes, yes, we are.

Myles: Happily. 

Mary: Hashtag dream spouse.

Myles: They are going to get sick now.



Mary: That empathy is what we're all about. If our videos make you relate to someone, BOOM. We've done our job.

Myles: That we care about more than just making beautiful videos. We're really invested in getting results for the missions behind them.