Lindsay Jean Thomson

Lindsay Jean Thomson

Forward Films' work has helped us to connect with more of our target audience, which has had an invaluable impact on our business.

What she emailed us: I LOVE IT SO HARD. I would marry it if I could. Every little detail is just so spot on. You really captured the feeling of it. I'm so honored. 

Lindsay Jean Thomson, Women Catalysts

Michael Gasiorek

Michael Gasiorek

The video received a LOT of play in our community. It felt natural and authentic, but still made us look great!

What he emailed us: You totally crushed it. I just played it for an entire bus of directors from around the globe to overwhelming applause. Really appreciate you showing up and taking charge of this project. 

Michael Gasiorek, Startup Grind

Miki Johnson

Mary is a whirlwind of positive energy that sweeps up everything and everyone in its path.

She's equally good at making people feel calm and comfortable (even in front of several big cameras) and at energizing a room and getting everyone on the same creative page. She's also unbelievably organized, hardworking, and honest.

Miki Johnson, Job Portraits

Kate Vandeveld

Mary really went above and beyond in her work with us. 

Not only was she kind, timely, and easy to connect with, she also took the time to understand our mission and programming, come up with creative ideas on how to share them most effectively, and iterate with the team on those ideas.

Kate Vandeveld, It's Time Network