The team

Mary Betsy

Co-founder and creative director

Mary brings more than a decade of interviewing and filmmaking experience to the production of your video. With a background in journalism, her news work has been recognized by the Knight Foundation, CNN, and USA TODAY. 


Myles Pratt

Co-founder and producer

With a management background, Myles worked at a Manhattan bank before joining the U.S. Army. It was while stationed in Hawaii that he began filmmaking with Mary and in no time became a full-time producer and sound recordist. 

Meet us on video

Q&A with M+M

Who are you?

Mary: I'm a founding partner and the creative director of Forward Films. I am also slightly OCD, a huge comedy fan, and very excitable by good food.

Myles: I'm the other founding partner and producer of Forward Films. I make sure the OCD doesn't keep us from meeting our deadlines. Listening is my favorite thing to do, and I'm not a fan of GPS. I'd rather get lost and see something new than follow the same route every time. 


Are you two married?

Mary: Yes, yes, we are.

Myles: Happily. 

Mary: Hashtag dream spouse.

Myles: They are going to get sick now.


What else should people know about you?

Mary: That empathy is what we're all about. I am convinced that empathy is the No. 1 thing that drives progress, whether that's in society in general, in business, or in personal relationships. 

Myles: That we care about more than just making beautiful videos. We're really invested in getting results for the missions behind them. Ultimately, we want to help people — to improve lives — and video is just our way of making that happen.