Startup Weekend Tech for Good documentary


An inspiring documentary that tracks the start-to-finish milestones at a single Startup Weekend event: the third annual Tech for Good hackathon, held July 31 through Aug. 2nd, 2015, in San Francisco at Impact Hub.




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More on the event and winning team

The beautiful un-sexiness of startups

Before my first Startup Weekend, I knew little about the startup world. I thought it was a place of modern typefaces, brushed chrome, genius Steve Jobs types, and characters like Tom Haverford, the trend-obsessed serial entrepreneur played by Aziz Ansari on Parks and Rec. Afterward, my worldview changed.

Why your business needs its own cheer

It all started with a warning — what not to do if your idea is picked at Startup Weekend. Steve Hoffman, captain of Founders Space, had some advice in his Friday night keynote for the participants of last month’s Tech for Good Startup Weekend in San Francisco.