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Example #1: My name is Emilia and I am the owner of Code by Emilia. // Example #2: I’m Kyson and I work at the Youth Leaders Center.
Example #1: Code by Emilia is a boutique development agency in the Bay. We make beautiful, functional websites for businesses and nonprofits. // Example #2: We’re a national nonprofit that helps young people become their best selves. We do this through after-school programs that offer tutoring, mentoring, and all sorts of activities that let them explore their skills and build confidence.
Example #1: Every client is a personal relationship for me. I work hard to really understand their needs and offer the best service I can. I absolutely love coding because I get to help people bring their ideas to life and make a bigger impact. There’s nothing better than that! // Example #2: Youth Leaders Center changes lives, plain and simple. Not only does it keep kids out of trouble, but YLC students are often the first in their families to earn a college degree.
Example #1: I’m Emilia and I would love to help you with your development needs. Get in touch at // Example #2: You can make a difference in a young person’s life by donating or volunteering today. Learn more at

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