A few ways we help share your videos



Let us create GIFs teasing your video content that you can embed in emails.

GIF 2.gif
GIF 8 Main video teaser 1.gif

Click below to view a GIF used within an email newsletter.


GIFs also catch attention on Twitter. Though they don't do it here, they'll auto-play on Twitter feeds, creating motion that will stand out from the stream.




We can create a bundle of still images by grabbing frames from your video, giving you a pack of promotional images to push your video or to use however you'd like.


Use images to link out to your video from social posts, emails — wherever you want.


Teaser videos


We're happy to edit shorter versions of your video for ad buys or social media, and we'll offer suggestions for best use when we have them. 



However you'd like to share your video, we'd be happy to help.