Explainer videos

Give 'em goosebumps about your idea.

Need to get your value of your idea across in 1 to 3 minutes flat? We know how to hone in on the essentials and make them sparkle — and convert. From explainer videos and crowdfunding campaigns to product launches and nonprofit films, our simple, but thorough process has you covered.


Fitness studio crowdfunding video

A family-owned business raises funds for an expensive move after losing its lease in Oakland.


Google Careers YouTube channel trailer

A record-breaking trailer for Life at Google’s YouTube channel shows what it’s like to work at there.


Juma Ventures volunteering video

A nonprofit fighting poverty recruits volunteers to help send young folks to college.


Leadership Consultant explainer Video

Jeffrey Yergler, Ph.D., introduces his management training on employee engagement.


Gender equality crowdfunding video

A nonprofit raises funds for a nationwide effort to advance women and girls.


creative agency explainer video

Job Portraits explains how it uses stories to connect growing teams with job seekers.


Women Catalysts explainer video

A community supporting women shows how their events inspire real connection.


Thick & Thin Films explainer video

We invite you into our living room as we introduce our wedding-video company.


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