Production timeline



You approve our quote, sign a contract with us, and pay a 50% deposit.


You fill out a thoughtful questionnaire for your project. Trust us: this is worth your time. We ask targeted questions that make both of us think about your video goals.

Two planning meetings

We work together to develop your shoot plan, which lays out your video's storyline, who be will filmed, the recording location(s), an outline of interview questions, a shot list, and what text and graphics will appear in your video. 

Shoot plan approval

You approve your shoot plan in writing. Make sure you love your plan because it's the blueprint we'll base your entire production off of. 



It's finally here: recording day! We'll email you a reminder beforehand with a few tips. On shoot day, there's usually only two of us who capture everything needed in a day. If you're nervous about being on camera, don't fret: we're experts at making you feel comfortable and confident in front of lens.



We shuffle all the footage together into a polished, moving film.


When we're done editing, we send your video to you twice for your review. Let us know your feedback: we'll correct any errors or make other minor changes taking fewer than two hours to make. 

  • Minor changes likely to take fewer than two hours include technical audio and visual tweaks, or scene changes that won't impact the story. 
  • Major changes likely to take more than two hours include removing, including, or rearranging soundbites or other changes that impact the story's narrative.



Once you've approved your edited film, you pay your remaining balance.


We deliver your final film as a digital download in MPEG-4 format.