We listen to you.

Our production process starts with a couple of key questions:

  1. How do you want people to feel when watching your video?
  2. What would you like them to do afterward?

We want the video we create for you to spark action, so start by targeting your goals, audience, and messaging. We are die-hards about diving deep into this stage because we know that cutting corners here will waste your money in the long run.

We hatch a plan.

Next, we hone in on the best storyline to communicate your message and get the results you want. Our style is documentary, so our stories often involve natural interviews that allow personality and spontaneity to shine through.

That means we refuse to feed you a word-for-word script or plan every shot angle. Instead, we outline a story arc with intentional interview questions, key talking points, and a must-get shot list for each video. 

We prepare for your shoot.

Let us handle the logistics! From scouting the right locations to coordinating schedules with everyone in your video, we cover the details to make sure your shoot is hiccup-free.

We film (naturally).

Don't have seasoned actors? Good. We don't want 'em. We document real people — people who are scared at first to get in front of the lens or mic, but who time and time again tell us they forgot it existed before they knew it. 

We edit.

We start right away and we don't stop until we're convinced it's bound to blow viewers away, from the opening hook to the final fade to black.

To gut-check that we've nailed your video, we get feedback on it from at least three people who've never heard of you before. These insights are sent your way with a polished cut for a couple more rounds of review.

We ooh and aah.

It's OK. Go ahead and hit "replay" an embarrassing number of times. Bask for a bit in how good you look on screen. 

We make it all matter.

We are highly invested in your video getting results that forward your mission, and we know that will only happen if it's shared and seen successfully.

Tell us your outreach goals, and we'll send you tailored marketing tips and assets such as image frames or social posts. We'll do whatever we can to make sure your video has the impact you want.