How to follow your passion with Lindsay Jean Thomson on the #BHHShow

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Lindsay Jean Thomson, co-founder of Women Catalysts, explains how to follow your passion, why going for it means giving no f**ks, and what she’s learned about women entrepreneurs after a year of interviewing some of the most inspiring ones.

Bonus: She brings her adorable dog, Leo, along.

See us get ready for this shoot! We vlogged about it below.

M+M work past the zombie zone of exhaustion to pack for the next day's shoot, and Mary gives advice on video gear. 

See the full promo video we made for Women Catalysts. Also, Mary wrote a blog about how she discovered them here.

Let's face it: networking has its downsides. It can feel awkward, draining, and downright phony. But not at Women Catalysts. Learn how their events inspire real connection and bold action in this fun 3-minute watch. 

About Women Catalysts

Women Catalysts is a San Francisco community for people who want to get ahead without losing their heart. At their events, you'll meet other women living and working with purpose, help raise money and awareness for good causes, and hear stories from incredible women speakers who are making it happen. Join the Women Catalysts community at

About Lindsay Jean Thomson

Lindsay Jean Thomson is the co-founder of Women Catalysts and a catalyst for creating the change we want in our lives and the world. She also coaches creative entrepreneurs one-on-one to help them make their *it* happen and is a long-time yoga teacher. More Lindsay at @lindsayjeanthom.

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