#BHHShow No. 1: How to write a book with Neetal Parekh of Innov8Social

The Big-Hearted Hustler Show: The #BHHShow

FIRST EPISODE. Holy wow. Freaking out a little.

In this debut episode of the #BHHShow, social entrepreneur Neetal Parekh of Innov8Social inducts us into her favorite taco joint, shows us around her co-working digs (GSVlabs in Redwood City), and gives us tips on writing a book (not what you'd expect!). Mary also attempts (keyword) to break-dance and goes down a giant slide.

About Neetal Parekh

Neetal Parekh is an attorney by education, a communicator by experience, and a social innovator and storyteller at heart. She is the founder and CEO of Innov8social, which builds tools to help individuals and companies reach their impact potential. She's also the host of the Innov8social Podcast, featuring interviews with thinkers and doers in the social impact space, and the author of 51 Questions on Social Entrepreneurship.

About the #BHHShow

The #BHHShow, or The Big-Hearted Hustler Show, is a web series of short, want-to-watch videos about Bay-area founders + changemakers. It's behind the scenes, authentic as hell, and above all, packed with inspiring insights. 

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