Women Catalysts promo video


BFFs Kim and Lindsay had an idea. They wanted to make networking suck less and empower women more. And so Women Catalysts was born.

It started in San Francisco with a series of monthly events, each featuring fun, guided networking (think speed dating) and a different inspiring woman speaker. To get the word out and convince skeptics to attend, they needed to explain why their events were different, so we made them an explainer video.

Before recording, we surveyed their members to confirm the founders' assumptions about what was attracting attendees. We used these insights to tailor the video's content to new members — and provide the founders with valuable research for growth.

The resulting video helped Women Catalysts increase their community membership by 158 percent at last check, expand nationally, and grow their program offerings, including the Catalyst Collective coaching program, which we were happy to later produce testimonial videos for.



I LOVE THIS VIDEO SO HARD. I would marry it if I could. It's beautiful. Every little detail is just so spot on.

LIndsay Jean Thomson, Co-Founder of Women Catalysts


Job Portraits promo video

Here's a straight-shooting promo video introducing Job Portraits. They use real stories to tell job candidates what they want to know, and that helps growing startups connect with the best team members.

Buying into what they do means not only experiencing their stories first-hand, but also trusting owners Jackson and Miki. This video does the trick.



Mary is a whirlwind of positive energy that sweeps up everything and everyone in its path.

She's equally good at making people feel calm and comfortable (even in front of several big cameras) and at energizing a room and getting everyone on the same creative page. She's also unbelievably organized, hardworking, and honest.


Suffice it to say, I can't wait to work together again. 

Mary's videos manage a wonderfully delicate balance between snappy storytelling and the very real, sometimes long moments that define her characters. 

Jackson Solway, Co-Founder of Job Portraits

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