Mary & Myles: A daily vlog

(Well, almost daily. we got a bit overwhelmed at the end.)


On Dec. 18th, 2015, we started a crazy project. We set out to make a video about our lives every day for a month.

Hi. We're Mary and Myles. We're married, somewhat noobs to San Francisco, and trying to start a business that helps people and doesn't kill us in the process. 

We decided to film our lives as 30-something entrepreneurs because what we're doing is hard, spectacular, and hilarious all at once. We think the more we share, the more we can learn from one another. 

Here are the videos that resulted. Your feedback is more than welcome. 


Giant thanks and *hugs* for watching. ❤

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"You're doing what now?"

That's the response a married pair of entrepreneurs in San Francisco heard again and again when they told people about their latest marketing effort: a month-long daily vlog documenting their lives.

"It's definitely not something most new business owners take on," says Mary Pratt. "We're showing all of our cards, and we know that's a risk."

  Lots of confused faces.  That's what we've gotten when we've tried to explain our daily vlog project to others.

Lots of confused faces. That's what we've gotten when we've tried to explain our daily vlog project to others.

The full series + episode guide

Vlog #1: We commit to our 30-day vlog project before heading to Berkeley for a holiday party with legendary documentary filmmakers. And on the way back, we get lost.

Vlog #2: We realize that daily vlogging is going to be a lot harder than we thought. After spending the day working inside, we cure our cabin fever with a scavenger hunt around San Francisco. 

Vlog #3: We brainstorm how we're going to balance bills with happiness, doodling along the way.

Vlog #4: Myles gives up on his holiday beard. Mary discusses poop. Then, we take the train to an inspirational book launch in Silicon Valley. 

Vlog #5: Mary gets an uninvited guest. Then M+M visit startup guru Sarah Kunst, who explains how to win at airport diarrhea, among other things.

Vlog #6: We interview each other about our different families, our (very) different communication styles, and our upcoming holiday trip to see Myles' relatives.

Vlog #7: Mary sneaks up on Myles in the bathroom. Myles discusses the vlog with his mom. We both pack for the next day's trip to N.Y. 

Vlog #8: We fly from San Francisco to New York for the holidays and arrive at our first AirBNB.

Vlog #9: We revisit one of Myles' first jobs, hang with his family in Poughkeepsie for Christmas, and find some holiday stress relief. 

Vlog #10: We reveal a shameful secret and then Mary gets culture shock at Myles' family reunion.

Vlog #11: Mary turns into Grumpy Cat when attacked by holiday hugs from Myles' family, then reflects on Christmases past and her own family traditions.

Vlog #12: Myles finally gets his New York pizza fix, Mary see magic snow before loading up on hotel breakfast, and Myles gets emotional in an interview about visiting family.

Vlog #13: M+M visit Myles' older sister, and Myles gets a pie in the face.

Vlog #14: Mary gets sick and eats buffalo or something.

Vlog #15: Mary and Myles spend New Year's Eve traveling from New York back home to San Francisco. That's when things get ugly.

Vlog #16: M+M consider quitting, Myles cheers on 2016, and Mary makes New Year's resolutions.

Vlog #17: After Mary's resolutions yesterday, Myles lays out his goals for 2016. SORRY. The date is wrong. Our bad. This is from 2016.01.02.

Vlog #18: M+M hustle to market their business in the new year. Mary makes a video about making a video about making videos. SORRY. The date is wrong. This is from 2016.01.03. We're failing at the dates lately, y'all. Bonus: Tips about video marketing inside, if that's something you're into.

Vlog #19: We reflect on how far we've come as a business and hypothesize about our biggest hurdle moving forward.

Vlog #20: M+M bock like chickens (you read that right) while interviewing each other about the emotional side (i.e. craziness) of entrepreneurship.

Vlog #21: M+M work past the zombie zone of exhaustion to pack for the next day's shoot, and Mary gives advice on video gear.

Vlog #22: Myles talks about staying focused and the pain of turning down money.

Vlog #23: We edit and debut the latest episode of The Big-Hearted Hustler Show (#BHHShow) featuring Lindsay Jean Thomson, co-founder of Women Catalysts.

Vlog #24: Myles goes solo on the town and reveals what it's like to work with your spouse.

Vlog #25: Video gear for beginners: Here's what you REALLY need to know. (Hint: It's not about the gear.) More on Wistia's video engagement chart.

Vlog #26: Mary gets a "brutal" medical procedure before giving a video-marketing workshop at a startup incubator in downtown San Francisco.

Vlog #27: "Your business will not make it." We respond to this comment and talk about our "professional image" (or lack thereof?) in this Q&A.

Vlog #28: We forecast our plans after the daily vlog ends and tackle the voices in our head. 

Vlog #29: We spend Saturday interviewing strangers on the sidewalks of San Francisco. When things go wrong because we run out of time, Mary nearly has a mental breakdown. 

Vlog #30: After a full month of (nearly) daily vlogging, we recap what we've learned and talk about where we're headed.

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