Project proposal

Integer Leadership Consulting



Option 1

7 individual videos

  • $2k each ($14k total)
  • Each video will feature 1 person and 1 spoke.

Example video showing one person's case study

Option 2

7 mashup videos

  • $3k each ($21k total)
  • Multiple people featured per video
  • For each module's video, we'll "mash up" several people's answers to targeted interview questions.
  • Blending multiple testimonials requires more editing, but creates cumulative proof in numbers.

Example video showing a mashup of several interviewees' testimonials


Optional add-ons

Optional add-on 1

7 "spoke intro" videos

  • $1k each ($7k total)
  • We'll film you introducing each spoke. This will allow your module to scale digitally beyond in-person events.

Optional add-on 2

1 video introducing your model

  • $3k
  • We'll film you introducing your model as a whole so that the training videos will have context for online use and feature your personality.


Debut in a month

Week 1 | Planning

We hone in on your video goals, craft the most effective creative plan, and set up all the logistics to make sure your shoot day is hiccup-free.

Week 2 | Filming

We record gorgeous footage, while keeping on-camera amateurs comfy and on message. 

Week 3 | Editing

We sequence clips, find music, and add titles and graphics. To gut-check that we've nailed it, we also gather feedback from test viewers.

Week 4 | Revisions & Debut

We send you a polished cut for two rounds of review. Once finalized, your video is ready for debut with our easy sharing guide.

Sleep effected 1.jpg

Meet people in your sleep.

We'd be honored to scale your mission through video.

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Ready to move forward?

Let us know your preferred option(s) and film week, and we'll follow up with a contract right away. Myles is also happy to answer any questions.