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Here you'll find all of the files and benchmarks for your project in one convenient place. (We know how exhausting it can be to search through email threads.)


Quick status

Current phase  

What's due from you
Brand questionnaire

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Week 1 | Planning

April 1st-7th, 2018

What to do before we meet

1. Complete brand questionnaire.

Help us plan for your video by answering a few questions about your work before our first planning meeting. There are two ways you can complete the questionnaire.

  • Editable Drive doc | Type your answers directly into this doc.
  • Printable PDF | Write away from a screen. (Email us a pic of your questionnaire when you're done.)

2. Share your brand assets.

Whether you have an entire brand style guide or just a logo, email us what you've got so we'll have it on hand as soon as filming is done.

Planning meeting schedule

Planning meeting № 1 | We'll meet in person or over video to discuss your planning questionnaire and start formulating your project plan.

Planning meeting № 2 | We'll meet again to tie up any loose ends and answer all of your pre-shoot questions.

Location scouting | We might also drop by to check out the location beforehand if needed. Sending photos beforehand always helps!

Your project plan

Your project plan is a Google Drive doc that outlines for your entire production. We'll be refining this plan during our planning meetings and finalizing it before your recording date. It will corral your project's goals, story arc, and must-get shots. This is also where we'll nail down all of the necessary logistics, such as who will be filmed, where we'll record, and at what time.

Arrangements with interviewees

We'll coordinate arrangements directly with the people in your videos, from calendar invites to instructions on what to expect.

Our easy prep guide for the people in your videos

Our easy prep guide for the people in your videos

Our easy guide on prepping for your shoot

Our easy guide on prepping for your shoot

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Week 2 | Filming

The big day! We record gorgeous footage, while keeping everyone on camera in front of the lens comfy and on message. 

Photo by Sarah Deragon

Photo by Sarah Deragon

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Week 3 | Editing

We start right away and we don't stop until we're convinced it's bound to blow viewers away, from the opening hook to the final fade to black. We'll email you a polished cut for review as soon as it's ready.

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Week 4 | Revisions

How revisions work

We want you to love what we create together, and we know revisions are essential to that.

You'll have 2 opportunities to review and request revisions to your edited video, and we dedicate 8 hours to making changes you request. Most changes can easily be done in this time (think: audio adjustments, color tweaks, or even scene swaps that don't impact the story). 

Do keep in mind that some changes are likely to take longer, though, such as requests for soundbite rearrangements or other substantial changes that alter the narrative flow. We're more than happy to accommodate those at an additional cost if you'd like. 

Reviews & edits

Here we'll paste the links to your edited videos for review. We use VidFeed for feedback, a platform that lets you easily comment on certain parts of your video project without the need to list time code. You can also invite anyone else to join the feedback conversation by sharing the VidFeed links, but it's wise to give others a heads up about the revision policy first.

  • Review 1 | Link to Vidfeed.
  • Review 2 | Link to Vidfeed.

Feedback from test viewers

To gut-check that we've nailed your video, we get feedback on it from at least three people who've never heard of you before. We'll link their feedback here for you to consider when making revisions.

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Debut & beyond

final files

Here we'll post the links to your final files for download.

sharing tips

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Cook up a game plan for sharing your video with our promotion planner.

Cook up a game plan for sharing your video with our promotion planner.

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Contract & invoices


Find your contract terms here.


  • Invoice for payment № 1 | Paid on XYZ date.
  • Invoice for payment № 2 | Due date to be determined.