Mobile-video mini-grant


by Forward Films

Hey, San Francisco nonprofits! We're a local video biz, and we're offering a mini-grant in March to a Bay-area organization. We're going to create videos for that organization using our phones and offer training on how they can make their own videos in house.


First of all, hi. 

We're Mary and Myles. We're married, live in San Francisco, and own a business that makes videos for big-hearted organizations. You can meet us in this video.

OK, what is this mini grant?

Actually, let's start with the why. We're really excited about all of the new ways that video is being used to tell stories, especially through social media. Video keeps getting more prevalent, accessible, and authentic.

With smartphones we can record, share, and watch videos with the emptying of a pocket. Apps let us all step up our video storytelling game in a few delightful swipes. Video on social networks has taken real-time connection to totally new heights.

We're freaking out about all of this a little. It's thrilling for us. But what's even more thrilling is the idea that we can use these technologies to help a good cause. 

Here's where you come in.

We're looking to partner with a nonprofit in San Francisco (or within 15 miles) to gain insights on the best ways to use mobile video to make an impact. Or in simpler terms, we want to create a bunch of free video content for a Bay-area nonprofit. 


Here's the gist of what would happen.

Forward Films mobile video mini grant 1.jpeg

First, we'll show up, listen, happily volunteer if you need, and learn from you about your organization's story.


Next, we'll spend a day at your place creating as much quality video content as possible using only our mobile phones.

Forward Films mobile video mini grant 3.jpeg

Finally, we'll meet again to review the videos, strategize on publishing them, and share how you can create your own.


Some other odds and ends.

What will we filmed?

We hope to highlight the on-the-ground impact your organization makes in a really authentic way. We'll film the magic moments of action and interaction, record quick interviews with the people that make your movement possible, and anything else we think will capture people's attentions and hearts.

What's the time frame?

  • Applications are due by Feb. 19th.
  • A selection will be made by March 1st.
  • The grant will be given (a.k.a. the three steps above will happen) by March 31st.
  • We'll spend up to 3 days with the selected organization planning the right story to tell, making video content, and finally strategizing about how to share what we captured and offering training on making compelling mobile videos in house.

Who is eligible?

Apply if your organization ...

  • is a nonprofit in San Francisco or within 15 miles
  • is available to meet 3 days, including 1 day for filming, in March
  • has someone working full-time on communications
  • has a strong digital audience (through your email newsletter or social media communities, for example)

Definitely apply if your organization also ...

  • lifts people up by giving them a pathway to a better education or job #SoftSpotAlert

Apply now.

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Myles would love to answer them at or 803.466.4461.

Spread the word.

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