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DIY Video Hacks for Your Brand

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General pointers has some excellent tips for entrepreneurs wanting to DIY video.

Bonus: It's written by Jennifer Jager, a kick-ass #femaleboss who also wrote a great piece in Entrepreneur on creating successful brand videos on a budget that's worth a read.

Audio extras


Our favorite easy source for free music: YouTube Audio Library. (Heads up: Some songs require attribution.)

Easiest way to upgrade your sound: Buy a lavaliere microphone. I've used lav mics around the $30 price point with great success, but many people like the Rode smartLav at $79 for phones and tablets.


Inspiration videos


Marija Hamed's Happy Marketing Club channel on YouTube is a perfect source of inspiration for DIY video. Thousands of views, no-frills productions, and quality content.


Sunny Lenarduzzi's YouTube channel has all sorts of tech tips, including loads of video-focused tutorials.