The Big-Hearted Hustler Show: The #BHHShow

A web series of short, want-to-watch videos about female founders + changemakers

Behind the scenes. Authentic as hell. And above all, packed with inspiring insights.

Lindsay Jean Thomson, co-founder of Women Catalysts, explains how to follow your passion, why going for it means giving no f**ks, and what she’s learned about women entrepreneurs after a year of interviewing some of the most inspiring ones.

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In this episode of the #BHHShow, Proday founder and venture capitalist Sarah Kunst shows us around her boathouse of a San Francisco apartment, tells us how to impress a startup investor, how to hire better, how to tell if you're meant to be an entrepreneur, and what she's obsessed with right now.

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In this debut episode of the #BHHShow, social entrepreneur Neetal Parekh of Innov8Social inducts us into her favorite taco joint, shows us around her co-working digs, and gives us tips on writing a book (not what you'd expect!). Mary also attempts (keyword) to break-dance and goes down a giant slide.