Our mojo is making videos that ooze authenticity, hold eyes to the end, and bring in results.


Pick your fancy.

Explainer videos

Explain what you do clearly and powerfully in just a minute or two.

Hiring videos

Grow faster by giving candidates an irresistible reason to apply.

Event videos

Capture the thrill of your conference or event upfront and behind the scenes.

Video series

Create evergreen brand content with a library of educational videos.


Our process

We’re unscripted.

We film real narratives told by real people, not actors, which builds rapport and trust with viewers.

We're lean & efficient.

Forget over-sized productions. Our documentary crews record action in real time, letting you show more.

We're strategy partners.

We uncover brand insights and arm you with marketing assets that you'll use far beyond our video work.

Lindsay Jean Thomson 02.png

I would marry the video Forward Films created for us if I could.

It's beautiful. Every little detail is just so spot on. They really captured the essence of what we're doing in a much bigger and clearer way than we had been able to do through writing and photos alone. 


Miki Johnson 02.png

Forward Films is unbelievably organized, hardworking, and honest.

They’re equally good at making people feel calm and comfortable (even in front of several big cameras) and at energizing a room and getting everyone on the same creative page.


Kate+Vandeveld 02.png

Forward Films really went above and beyond in their work with us. 

Not only were they kind, timely, and easy to connect with, they also took the time to understand our mission and programming, come up with creative ideas on how to share them most effectively, and iterate with the team on those ideas.